Thank you

Dear Friends,

It has been my privilege and honor to represent the communities of Ashland and Framingham in the Massachusetts House of Representatives for the last 12 years. Together with my colleagues in the Legislature, we have achieved significant advances for the people of my district and for the entire Commonwealth. While some of my proudest accomplishments have taken place at the State House – passing legislation to help people with disabilities, using higher education to give people opportunities, and bringing education funding to Ashland and Framingham – it is time to make room for a new voice.

I have decided not to seek reelection in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. I will receive my doctorate in the spring, and look forward to utilizing my education, experience, and the lessons I’ve learned from the people of Ashland and Framingham, to continue making a difference in the lives of Massachusetts residents. For the remainder of this session, I will continue to represent the communities I know and love with diligence and dedication. When I leave public office, I hope to pursue opportunities to impact further progress on the issues that have shaped my work at the State House – higher education, disability policy, and equal opportunity.

Over the past 12 years, I have been deeply moved by the confidence my communities have expressed in me, and remain incredibly thankful for all of your support.


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