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• Framingham and Ashland school funding has increased 148% since Tom has taken office, while the rest of the state’s school funding has gone up 28%. These increases are a result of work Tom did to change the school funding formula.

• Former chair of the Ashland School Committee

• Passed bullying bill, impose stiffer penalties on school bullies and provide tools and training to school districts

To do:

• Continue to implement changes to the formula that will allow Framingham and Ashland to receive their fair share

• Conduct a new adequacy study to understand what it takes to deliver a quality education in 2012 (the last adequacy study was done in 1993).

Higher Education:

• Chair of the Joint Committee on Higher Education

• Bond bill would bring $150 million in private investment to research institutions in Massachusetts, growing the innovation economy

• Inclusive concurrent enrollment, bold new model for special education

To do:

• Make college affordable and accessible for every student in Massachusetts

• Increase the percentage of our workforce with a college degree

Jobs/Economic Development:

• Author of major portion of the jobs bill

• Worked with Massachusetts Life Science Center and legislative delegation in securing $7.7 million for Genzyme expansion (wastewater); helped turn MW into major life science hub (Cytoo)

• Voted to freeze unemployment insurance rate for businesses, ensuring they had more money to hire employees.


•Passed transportation reform, eliminated the MA Turnpike authority,
consolidated transportation agencies

•Worked with MW caucus in preventing dramatic toll increases

To do:

• Stop borrowing money to pay salaries, as is currently practice among many transportation departments in the state.

• Improve and expand our transportation system by capitalizing on matching grants from the federal government


• Passed ethics reform, banning legislators from accepting gifts and
imposing stiffer penalties on violators

• Your Vision for Massachusetts project allows public to write laws

Pension Reform:

• Eliminated pension abuse including 23-and-out (ability to collect
pension after 23 years of service regardless of age) and king-for-a-
day (getting credit for a year’s worth of public service after working
one day) rule

• Voted for pension reform that will save the state $5 billion over 20 years


•Worked with budget conference committee to change the name of the
Department of Mental Retardation to Department of Developmental

•Introduced Self Determination bill that was signed by the Governor
that will implement a model where money will follow the person

•Preserved millions in HWM FY10 to Family Support account, got $2.2
million to Turning 22 in FY2009

Mental Health

•Worked with DMH and community leaders to save Jail Diversion Program


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