2015 Budget Debate Process Explained

There has been some confusion about the the process the House is following this week concerning the use of Room 348.

Step by Step Explanation

1. House Ways and Means Committee released their budget on April 9.

2. House Member had until April 11, at 5:00PM to file amendments to this budget to make any changes.

3.  There were 1,175 Budget Amendments filed.

4. Beginning on Monday, April 28th, we began the debate process on the proposed amendments to the Budget.

5. At the beginning of the week, each amendment is classified and grouped by subject matter, which can be found here.

6. As part of that debate, before each subject matter goes to the floor, there is an informal meeting in Room 348, where the any member of the House, of either party, can advocate for a particular budget amendment.

7. After the 348 Meeting, the House Ways and Means Committee proposes to the floor a “Consolidated Amendment” that incorporates all the amendments on that particular subject matter. If any member does not agree with the consolidate amendment, or their amendment in the Consolidated Amendment is not what they wanted, they can “pull the amendment” from the consolidated amendment and debate that particular amendment on the House Floor. That pulled amendment would then be debated and would get a vote on the House Floor.

8. After the consolidated amendment is debated, the House then votes to approve the new “Consolidated Amendment.”

9. At the very end of the budget process (usually lasting for 3 days or more), the House takes an up or down vote on the entire budget, H.4000, as amended.

Tom Sannicandro © 2015