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Education is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy. How we fund our public schools is critical to ensuring Massachusetts remain at the top of the country in education and economic development.

On this page you’ll find resources for how we currently fund our public schools and ideas for ways to improve school funding. Check back often as we update this page with links, videos, and more.

First, here are some of the slideshows from the school funding forums that I recently held in Ashland and Framingham.

Marcia Reni, Ashland School Committee:
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Beverly Hugo, Framingham School Committee:
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I recently sat down with Rep. Jason Lewis, sponsor of a bill that calls for a new adequacy study to be conducted on K-12 education in the Commonwealth.

I. Understanding the formula

Demystifying the Ch. 70 formula

II. The Foundation Budget

Ashland’s Foundation Budget
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Framingham’s Foundation Budget
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Understanding The Foundation Budget

III. Looking ahead

Fiscal year 2012 Ch. 70 aid and net school spending requirements

Chapter 70: Findings and Recommendations: Chapter70


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