1:03 PM. Anxiously waiting for the first roll call.

1:07 PM. Still waiting for roll call. I’ve been working with my colleagues in the Senate to move my bill to remove the words “mental retardation” from the General Laws forward.

1:11 PM Last night the Conference Committee Report on Wind Energy Siting was unveiled. The bill requires communities that have significant wind areas to form a single board to review wind projects. Regardless of any permits that are issued at the state or federal level, no building permit would be issued and no wind energy project would be built without local approval. Still waiting on roll call.

1:15 PM Some of the bills I’m working on getting across the finish line: the updated bottle bill, the e-waste bill, the human trafficking bill, bullet proof vests for auxiliary police officers, a sales warranty bill, a guardianship bill, and a bill relative to non-profit insurance.

1:20 PM In addition have sent letter to the Speaker requesting he move Paid Sick Days, the Transgender bill, e-waste bill and other bills to the floor.


1:31 PM Land taking bill unanimously passed to be enacted.

1:33 PM Another roll call, HB 4874 “An Act authorizing the City of Cambridge to grant a permanent easement on and over certain strips of land owned by the city of Cambridge in Watertown, Massachusetts.” Home-rule petitions such as these often require roll calls.

1:40 PM Another roll call. HB4585 “An Act authorizing the town of Sherborn to use certain town forest land.”

1:45 PM Conference with Chair of Judiciary concerning CORI reform legislation, waiting on the Senate to sign off on the Conference Committee Report.

1:53 PM Another roll call for local bill.

2:02 PM Another roll call, relative to state-owned land on Plimouth Plantation.

2:11 PM Rule 47 suspended so we can take up item out of calendar order.

2:13 PM Chair Finegold is speaking on Wind Siting Conference Committee Bill

2:21 PM Conferenced Wind Siting bill is a big deal for Commonwealth. It streamlines permitting process while preserving local control. Investing in wind energy will create jobs and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

2:31 PM Members of Republican Caucus speaking against Wind Siting Bill

2:40 PM Rep. Guyer explains why he won’t support Conference Committee report.

2:48 PM Rep. Patrick explains why he supports this bill. Tells story of how Cape Wind has been stuck in permitting process for 9 years.

2:53 PM Drafting letter to Chair Murphy in support of Sen. Spilka’s Gift of Life legislation, SB 1333. Bill will provide tax deductions for organ donors.

2:56 PM Quorum Roll Call!

3:35 PM House still debating Wind Siting bill.

3:40 PM Working with Chair Murphy, Chair Pedone, and former Sen. David Magnani on retirement program for people who work for nonprofit companies.

3:45 PM Rep. Madden gives his maiden speech. The maiden speech is a tradition in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

4:11 PM By a vote of 95-56 the Wind Siting bill passes!

4:13 PM The House considers more local bills.

4:40 PM Rep. Cantwell speaks about his Seafood Marketing bill.

4:46 PM Rep. Peake talks about how Seafood Marketing bill will be good for MA fishing industry.

4:47 PM Seafood Marketing bill is passed to be engrossed.

4:52 PM It’s going to be a late night/early morning.

5:13 PM Waiting for news on CORI Reform bill and Economic Development bill.

5:51 House is considering items from the Senate.

5:59 PM Roll Call!

6:10 PM STATE HOUSE NEWS REPORTS AGREEMENT HAS BEEN REACHED ON CASINOS! Bill would sanction 2 slot machine licenses open to competitive bid among the state’s racetracks and 3 casinos split by region. Waiting for official announcement.

6:15 PM House is in recess until 7:00 PM.

6:23 PM State House News reports Conference Committee Economic Development Bill will contain Sales Tax Holiday.

7:22 PM House still in recess. Waiting for official announcement on various big news items…

7:28 PM Roll Call! Chair Donato is now presiding over session.

7:48 PM There will be a Democratic Caucus at 8:00PM to discuss various Conference Committee bills.

8:14 PM House adjourns to meet tomorrow in full formal session! Much sooner than expected


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4 Responses so far.

  1. Rep, keep up the hard work. Do you think the racino bill will be voted on?

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  3. eila says:

    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, TOM! Also, hope that H.177 passes! This is the redraft of your bill (tracking unmet needs of people with disabilities; substituting “disabilities” for “handicapped” in a number of laws; adding “disabilities” and “age” where these 2 protected classes are routinely omitted in many MA laws; and creating a Commission on the status of individuals and families with disabilities). It’s a no-brainer, right?!

    all best, Eileen Feldman, Community Access & Inclusion Project

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