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Established in 1979 to provide free information and a voluntary mediation service for area consumers when they encounter problems, the Consumer Assistance Office MetroWest is one of a number of local consumer programs which work to help resolve consumer complaints dealing with contracts, warranties, scams, retails sales, unsolicited merchandise, mail orders, home improvement, rainchecks, and car sales and repair.



How to Break Generational Cycles of Poverty

Representative Tom Sannicandro (D-Ashland) and Senator Michael Moore (D-Milbury) have filed An Act Relative to Breaking Generational Cycles of Poverty. See the text here.

How it works

1) The Department of Transitional Assistance identifies 150 parents collecting welfare where assessment shows they would be successful candidates to be enrolled in a community college for a certificate or associate degree.


Seniors: Save up to $1,050 on your taxes

Here you will find information on how to get up to $1,050 from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts if you were 65 in 2014.

As an additional resource, I encourage you to http://www.massresources.org/circuit-breaker-tax-credit.html.

Please reach out to me if you or someone you know needs help filing their forms or have any eligibility questions. Please keep in mind that this is not official tax advice.



I. Senior Circuit Breaker Brochure

Sr Circuit Breaker Pamphlet2015

Sr Circuit Breaker Pamphlet20152


Sannicandro: A milestone in disability rights

MetroWest Daily News
Monday, November 3, 2014

by Tom Sannicandro

Last week I joined Gov. Deval Patrick, colleagues in the Legislature and over 100 disability advocates in signing the landmark Real Lives bill at Fenway Park.

The passage of the Real Lives Bill is a major milestone for disability rights in Massachusetts. It represents a fundamental shift in how we perceive people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by expressing a confidence in them as self-advocates whose own desires and interests should be central to their plans and their lives.



The budget includes an additional $4,133,403 for Framingham schools, a 12.3 percent increase from last year. It also includes a $2.5 million reserve fund for underfunded schools, as determined by the state school funding formula. Framingham qualifies for the additional funding from the reserve fund.

Ashland school funding increased $62,350 from last year. On top of that increase, Ashland schools also received an additional $500,000 to mitigate student overcrowding.


Sannicandro to Live-Tweet Budget Debate

Representative Tom Sannicandro (D-Ashland) will be live-tweeting the budget debate during the week of April 27th through his Twitter handle @tsannicandro and with #mabudget. Sannicandro regularly uses social media to communicate with constituents, and has live-tweeted the budget debate for five consecutive years.

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